SUMMER: Are we there yet?

Today has been the official day of summer and we've been lucky to see the thermometer reach 20˚C. But it does seem to be getting a little warmer and that's a good thing. Especially for our fruit! I can't wait to find some sweet and juicy local apricots, cherries, peaches and all the other seasonal fruits we get this time of year. I was a little disappointed not to see more berries at the market last weekend. But I was pleased to find strawberries which I had plans for later.

After a little bargaining I got 15 lbs of fresh local strawberries for $3 a lb. Not sure if that's a great price but it was cheaper than anything else. So, what do I do when I'm Skyping with my mom in California? Wash and hull 15 lbs of strawberries, of course! Glad she likes watching me bake. I yielded about 10 quarts of prepped berries. It's jam time!

20 jars later...

Next on the list? Strawberry scones. My mom beat me to it, though. (Darn that woman!) She added her signature oranges to the mixture which made for a very moist and delicious scone...or so I heard. Unfortunately, I don't get to sample mom's baking very often anymore. But she was gracious enough to send me a photo at least. Thanks mom!

Mom's strawberry orange scones.

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