The Pineapple Jam was trés popular. (Photo by Magna Vita Photography)
What a difference an HOUR makes. Another very successful day at the TCBCM on Saturday. All but two Lime-Cardamom scones sold out, all the Pineapple Jam sold out (yay!) and running low on Dandelion Jelly. (I hope they start blooming again soon!) I had more people offer me their supply of dandelions. I even made MORE scones this time. Good thing I got up an hour earlier. Alarm set at 4:45am. As horrible as that sounds it made all the difference. Got everything done in time and even showed up ten minutes early. You know, I think I'm getting the hang of it now. There's a real method to the madness. How do I make NINE DOZEN scones in time for market at a home kitchen?
Pre mixing is the key. All the dry ingredients get mixed ahead of time, bagged and labeled. So do the wet ingredients. All I have to do in the morning is mix, shape, cut and bake. It is non-stop, though. While one batch of scones are baking I mix up the next batch, shape and cut ready to go in when the first comes out. And so on and so on. Last to do is glazing. This time I bought some nifty squeeze bottles and pre mixed the glaze the night before so I all I had to do was squeeeeeeeeze away! No more pastry brushes making a mess and certainly NO need for the hairdryer.

Happy customers means happy vendors! (nice shot of Andy and I by Magna Vita Photography)

So, for round two of the TCBCM we had several new vendors. I'm really impressed with everyone's presentation. It's amazing what people can do nowadays as long as you have some measure of creativity and a computer. It was plain to see the second market day was even more popular than the first. As soon as the doors opened we had a very steady crowd for a solid two hours. Much more customers this time thanks to the publicity from the Tri-City News.

Julie of Queen Bee Patisserie, cake pops by Mister Sprinkles and pound cake by Sweet Temptations

Next market date is July 9th. 
There will be yet more vendors and new goodies to sample. Hearth & Larder will introduce two new flavors of preserves (TBA) plus variety packs of my preserves. Yes, cute little mini jars of each flavor in a cellophane bag tied up with a bow. They'll make a smashing gift for the jam lovers in your life or just a great way for you to try all the flavors at once without cluttering up your ice box with full sized jars. AND to go with these cute little mini jars of preserves? Cute little mini scones! Sometimes you just want a couple bites of something sweet (unless you have a really big mouth - then it'll a one bite situation.) Stay tuned for a preview.

And speaking of scones, a new scone flavor is on the scene at Hearth & Larder. Lemon-Blueberry. People are just drawn to the color it seems. Plus who doesn't love blueberries? They're almost as popular as the Orange-Pecan. In fact this time they sold out first! Looking forward to seeing everyone bright and early July 9. Check back soon for updates!
Lemon-Blueberry Scones

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