Upcoming Baker's Market: Setting up shop

With about a week and a half to go until the Tri-Cities Baker's Community Market, (or the TCBCM as I like to call it), I've been as busy as a beaver. With zero budget I've had to get mucho creative. Of course, I love the challenge. One thing I needed are bags. I could order 1000 of them and get a good price but I'm not quite sure I need that much right off the bat. Speciality stores that cater mainly to bridezillas spending daddy's money carry all kinds of fancy bags, boxes, ribbons and rolls and rolls of white polka-dotted cello wrap but are just too costly for this spend-thrift. No problem. A quick visit to the Dollar Store (and about 50 trial runs through my printer) and - voila! - custom bags for my pastries!

I also needed to come up with a table display. At the market each of us vendors get an 8' table to set up however we choose. I'm selling preserves and a selection of scones. Okay, baskets for the scones but how to display the jars and jars of colorful preserves? Hmmmm. I looked around for shelves and baskets but ultimately I went with my husband's super smart idea to use our shoe racks. And they're free! So I bought a can of black spray paint and set to work.
In fact, all my table accessories are painted black. Sort of ties everything together. The baskets were 99 cents and the wire candle holder thingys (which were white) cost only $3 each at the thrift store. I found some black gingham at the thrift store as well, bought some cheap black cotton fabric and made basket liners with my trusty Husqvarna sewing machine (ebay). Ta da!

One thing that didn't require a trip through the sewing machine was the table cloth. Again, 'cheap' being the operative word, I bought some burlap and black cording and made a very rustic table cloth. Sort of goes with my Medieval look. No, I'm not going to wear a bonnet and corset. Maybe a cloak but I draw the line at head gear!

So, long story short I've put together a rather handsome looking table set up for real CHEAP!

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