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Saturday, February 5, 2011

The awful thing I'm trying to get my husband to eat.

Indian Bitter Melon (link to original recipe)

I’m determined to find a recipe for karela, or bitter melon, that my husband will enjoy. Although he’s Indian, he HATES bitter melon. It's definitely an acquired taste but I actually like it. Once you get past the bitterness it has a slightly grassy-nutty flavor. In other words, it tastes healthy, which it is. VERY. In fact there is a national bitter melon council advocating the many health benefits of this warty looking vegetable. Aside from all that good stuff, I found a recipe that seems to be the most palatable thus far. The fact that he said "hmmm, not bad" is just short of a miracle. It calls for the use of amchur powder (green mango powder, which is very sour) but discovered I was out so I substituted tamarind concentrate. I've now made it with both tamarind and amchur powder and find I like the tamarind the best. I think amchur has a slight chemical taste to it, to me. Just my opinion, though!I I also used some ground coriander and fennel seed. Here's the recipe: