Merry Christmas to me!

Santa was very, very generous this year. I guess I must have been good. What you're looking at here is some pretty slick chrome styling on my new Cuisineart stand mixer. A couple years ago my husband asked if I would want one of these and I said no. I didn't do enough baking to warrant spending the money. But since I started my "new hobby" my sneaky mom got the idea it might come in handy. And she was right! My first job using this bad boy was a batch of sourdough cinnamon rolls. Take a look at these.
Aren't they pretty?

Up until the actual dough kneading part, which I normally do by hand using the French fold method, the mixer performed great. Now, I'm still getting used to using this new member of my kitchen so when the dough started climbing up the dough hook and up into the attachment port I decided to go back to mixing by hand. I know this mixer can knead dough but this recipe is particularly sticky and elastic. But I'm not deterred! I plan on making some torrone (white nougat) which I KNOW this machine will make short work of all the mixing required.

The other real nifty thing I received (this one from my super thoughtful husband) is a four hour, hands-on cooking class at The Dirty Apron cooking school here in Vancouver. It's a school started by our favorite restaurant Chambar. I just have to decide which class to take. It came with a fancy apron and a bench scraper!

Well, I hope everyone had a lovely holiday and have a fantastic New Year. So much to do in 2011!!

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