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Monday, January 24, 2011

Citrus. A real bang for your buck.

What you can do with an orange is a lot.
Aside from all the obvious uses (eating it fresh, drinking orange juice....mimosas, etc), in cooking and baking, there's so much you can do with just an orange and some sugar. For example when I make orange marmalade I use the whole fruit in the process. After removing the zest and orange segments I'm left with the seeds and membranes. So what do I do with all this crap? Well, what's neat about all this crap is it becomes a key ingredient and one you absolutely need if you're going to make cooked marmalade, jam or jelly - pectin. What is pectin? It's basically the "glue" that holds the marmalade together. It's found mostly in the white pith (albedo) of citrus fruits and in apples. If you're a keener check the Wikipedia definition as it goes way deeper than my tiny brain can handle. But if you want to know about marmalade I go in to detail on another post about how I make my marmalade. Moving right along....

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chocolate and salt. Who knew?

Yeah, that's right. Look at it. A chocolate covered pretzel sprinkled with rock salt. The way I see it, salt enhances flavor. So how could this be weird? It's not, trust me. The thick chocolate coating coupled with the soft chewy pretzel is amazing. Then you get a secondary sensation of the crunch of salt. It's goooooooooooooood. Too many O's? Never.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Merry Christmas to me!

Santa was very, very generous this year. I guess I must have been good. What you're looking at here is some pretty slick chrome styling on my new Cuisineart stand mixer. A couple years ago my husband asked if I would want one of these and I said no. I didn't do enough baking to warrant spending the money. But since I started my "new hobby" my sneaky mom got the idea it might come in handy. And she was right! My first job using this bad boy was a batch of sourdough cinnamon rolls. Take a look at these.