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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Back alley gold

I'm not crazy. 
That's what I keep telling myself while foraging for the little yellow flowers. Since I discovered dandelion jelly a few months ago I've been hooked. It's sweet, honey-like flavor is coveted around the home-front and one day during summer I was down to the last tablespoon. So, I skipped merrily down the back lanes of East Vancouver pinching off the yellow heads where I could find them and dropping them in to my plastic bag. Now I know what you're thinking.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Honey, have you seen my churn?"

I have been pining for the European style, high fat butter ever since I moved to BC from California eight years ago.  I used to use Plugra butter which when sliced, even cold right of the ice box, would bend like cheese as opposed to snap in two like most regular butter.  I'm sure similar butter exists here but I have yet to find it. It's not like I've been looking really hard, mind you.