I think I've invented something truly amazing.
I was up until about 12:30 this morning baking....actually waiting to cut into this...this...THING I've created. The genesis of which was born a few days ago...

Let me rewind a bit. Since I've been on a quest to find different ways to use my sourdough starter I came across a recipe for sourdough stollen, a German sweet bread usually eaten during the Christmas season. While the flavor of the stollen was great, I had some problems containing the filling and the seams split during the baking process. Plus the dough wasn't right. Way too wet and made it difficult to form the loaves. Undeterred, I planned on making it again at a later date. I mean, my freezer's absolutely full!

In goes the frangipane filling!
Fade out fade in, while hunting around for supplies for my new baking venture I came across some paper panettone liners and thought "oh, I have to try making some panettone!" I didn't end up getting them simply because I'm on a tight budget and was really focused on my jams and jellies and didn't want any (more) distractions. So, I took a mental snapshot and continued on my way. A couple of days ago I was baking sourdough cinnamon rolls which turned out fantastic...well, other than the minor fire they caused in my oven. Then I realized the dough was very similar to my stollen dough but it was much easier to handle and turned out a lot better. So I thought, "hey, I'll just make stollen using this dough and
BOING! The idea to make stollen rolls popped into my head. Why couldn't I mix in dried fruit and fill the dough with frangipane using the same method? Then I thought, "I'll get those panettone liners and make a cross between a stollen and a panettone!! And so it was done. My next incarnation will be a cross between a stollen and a cinnamon roll.  Baked exactly the same as cinnamon rolls but filled with frangipane instead.

Dough proofing in greased, floured panettone liners.

Homemade candied orange peel with golden raisins and currants.
After making a bunch of orange marmalade I ended up with a lot of left over orange peel. I figured I'd freeze it for later use. But I needed candied citron for the stollen recipe and decided I could just make my own and it'll probably taste a lot better than what's available at the market. And it is. Miles ahead. Since I take extra care in removing all of the white pith from the peel it greatly reduces any bitterness. So you really taste the pure orange flavor. On to making candied lemon, lime and grapefruit! Man, this is fun. :)

See my candied orange peel?

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