Bacon maple apple three-way

You know when you're eating breakfast and, shortly after pouring it over your pancakes, the maple syrup inevitably drifts into the bacon? I love it when that happens. THOSE flavors are meant to be together. So why not foster that love by adding apples!

This is a nice segue into savory scones which is what I was initially trying to develop. Last year when I was working down in LA I went to this great little joint called the Nickel Diner. Among other tasty menu items, they have a wonderful selection of baked goodies. From home-made Ding-Dongs and Pop Tarts to Red Velvet cake and doughnuts, one of which is a maple bacon doughnut. A maple glazed doughnut topped with real bacon bits. Naturally, I ordered one. It was very good, however, a tad on the sweet side for me. I could have used a bit more bacon!

So, with that as a springboard for my creativity I attempted my first apple bacon maple scone. Unfortunately, I didn't take too many photos during the process (I have the WORST lighting). But here's the end result.

It's a scone with chopped apples, and saute├ęd bacon with a maple glaze. Over all the flavor was quite bacony (if it's not a word it is now) and my husband sure loved it. I included pecans in this recipe but after tasting it I felt, as odd is it may sound, it didn't add anything flavor-wise. So next batch will be sans nuts. And more apples! That's about all I missed from it. Stay tuned for version II. 

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