BBQ'd English muffins?

I love ways to use sourdough starter and I found this little gem at Wild Yeast for sourdough English muffins (although, I might try this one next from King Aurthur. Looks pretty good!)

This is my second batch. I learned that these don't typically get baked in the oven but are cooked on the griddle giving them their characteristic brown spots. Well, I can only fit about four comfortably in my cast iron skillet. And when you're doing three sets it takes a bit of time. So, this time I took out my cast iron griddle, warmed up my BBQ and got down to business.

The neat thing about using your BBQ is you can close the lid to help speed up the process. Some recipes do call for popping them in the oven after "cooking" them on the griddle. So this idea worked out pretty good. Plus you can say "I made BBQ'd English muffins" just for the coolness factor.

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